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Drasco "Photo Contest" Winners
1st Place Winner - Gary Cormier, FiOS Specialist - Massachusetts
2nd Place Winner - Joanne Dillon, FiOS Specialist - Massachusetts
Tied for 3rd Place Winner - Joe Fazio, FiOS Specialist - Massachusetts
Tied for 3rd Place Winner - David Latimer, FiOS Specialist - New York
Drasco Massachusetts Team
Drasco New York Team
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 Anthony Coco NY Team/Sales Event 5/16/15
Upstate NY/Sales Event 4/18/15
Will Song NY Team/Bayside Event 6/13/15
Sharon Rush NY Team/ "VZU Live" Event 6/15/15
Shawn Phillip NY Team/ Flag Day Event 6/13/15
Bernard Chow NY Team/Chinatown BBQ Event 6/15/15
Vandim Furman NY Team/ "Back to School" Event 8/19/15
Drasco EM Event 7/23/15
Shawn Phillip & Day Oke / S.Manhattan, NY "Back to School" Event 8/20/15
 Anthony Coco NY Team/Pool Party Event 8/31/15
Steve Pang NY Team/"Back to School" Event 8/29/15
Carway Team Customer Service Meeting Valhalla 10/9/15
September Results Celebration- Little Italy Congratulations to Sharon Rush's Team 10/21/15
Chadney Spencer Fios Halloween Event 10/30/15
JoAnn Caban (left)
Day Oke (right) at the West Village Houses Event 11/17/15
Bertilia Gonzalez MA Team
HarborLofts Apartments 
"Ornament  Event" 12/14/15
JoAnn Caban NY Team Manhattan Holiday Event 12/24/15
Push Fitness Club Event January 2016
Motorcycle Show Event
Seaport Boston, MA 1/9/16
NY Halloween Event
340 E 80 St Manhattan
Raffle Event 3/2/16